Spinnova runs successful spinning trials

We recently ran successful industrial scale spinning trials with our wood-based, 0% harmful fibre, as an important step of the fibre’s journey towards a commercially viable product. In this phase of our R&D, we partnered with the Italian sustainably-focused spinning expert Marchi & Fildi.

We ran the trials in Italy with some 20 kilograms of fibre and had very good results. We’re delighted of the good result, as industrial processability of our fibre is key when brand partners consider it for their future supply chains.

The fibre was produced at our pilot facility as continuous filament, cut into staple and sent to Marchi & Fildi for carding, ring spinning, then dyed and knitted into fabric, most of which is now in our brand partners’ own testing processes.

We’re likely to continue our cooperation with Marchi & Fildi, and we can also collaborate with the spinners that brand partners prefer. We’re delighted of Marchi & Fildi’s open-minded, professional approach on these trials and of course thrilled of the great outcome.

We also work with e.g. the Borås university in Sweden and now have an in-house textile expert, Maree Hamilton. Stand by for some speedy product development!