Spinnova to collaborate with Borås University textile expert

Spinnova, the sustainable fibre company, is pleased to announce its newly started collaboration with textile professor Nawar Kadi. Kadi’s involvement will significantly help the development of the Spinnova fibre to suit commercial applications.

Dr. Kadi is a professor with the University of Borås in Sweden, in the field of textile technology. His work there focuses on e.g. textile recycling, fiber, yarn, textile structures and composites. Before joining Borås, Kadi worked at the faculty of Mechanical engineering in the University of Aleppo in Syria. Kadi has a PhD degree from the University of Metz in France.

– The kind of technical and industrial textile expertise that we need in commercializing our fibre is not easy to find in Europe. With Kadi we found a highly professional expert in his field, one who can really help us speed up bringing our first products to the market, comments Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen.

Kadi has agreed to assist Spinnova’s product development as a private consulting expert in addition to his current position. The collaboration includes training and consulting in various topics around developing this novel fibre.

– It is a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with a great team who is determined to translate this creative, innovative and revolutionary idea into a new technology to produce sustainable fibre. This eco-friendly fibre will cause a stir in the textile market,
Nawar Kadi predicts.

The timing of Kadi’s involvement is optimal, as Spinnova will be focusing on end product development with partnering brands this year. The company’s new, industrial scale pilot production line in Finland was completed in December. Production will be ramped up in the first quarter of this year, after which sufficient amounts of fibre can be produced for customer trials.

Spinnova is also in the process of recruiting an in-house textile expert, to be the liaison between the company and partner brands in joint product development projects. Spinnova has invested in fibre processing and finishing technology that can be utilized in the upcoming trials.

Nawar Kadi’s bio and recent publications on the Borås university website

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Nawar Kadi (right) and Spinnova’s Laboratory Technician Karri Björklund working on thread spinning together.