Disruptively sustainable and circular. Find out how choosing Spinnova helps mitigate climate change.

The Spinnova fibre is the most sustainable fibre in the world, both from a raw material and fibre making process aspect. See why.

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Our innovation was developed in response to the most challenging megatrend our planet currently faces: a growing population and the environment’s limited ability to bear it.

Cellulose is a natural solution

A growing world population is the megatrend behind the climate crisis, and also taps into the textile industry. We are running out of textile fibres that don't burden the environment as much as current fibres. What we need is renewable raw materials like wood, and novel production processes with minimal environmental harm.

By 2030, a third of textile fibres need to be made out of either man-made or real cellulose fibres, as cotton farming is on a non-sustainable foundation. Innovators like us are working hard to create commercially and ecologically sustainable solutions out of cellulose. This will help fill what is known as ‘the cellulose gap’– the increasing shortfall created by the demand for cellulosic textile fibre and cotton's limited ability to meet it.

As well as bridging the cellulose gap, the Spinnova fibre also helps fight climate change. Created with minimal water and emissions, it offers a solution to other huge megatrends challenging our planet and worsening the climate crisis; fresh water shortage and CO2 emissions.

Awareness on the rise

A more positive megatrend we are responding to is the growth of conscious consumption. Businesses and consumers alike increasingly want to make sustainable material choices that help mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. A change for the better starts with choices made by individuals.

We believe that conscious choices should not be a luxury, but instead available to everyone. Our mission is to help brands make ecological, cellulose-based textiles an everyday, affordable commodity. Wearing and using materials that help save the environment also creates the kind of emotional wellbeing we all need more of.

By staying true to our mission, we believe that the Spinnova fibre will revolutionize the textile industry, gradually replacing less sustainable options.