Cleanest process. Disruptive circularity.

A new, sustainable material made of wood or waste. Without harmful chemicals.

Spinnova enters composite markets with premium alpine skis

Sustainable material company Spinnova makes its debut in composites in partnership with ski manufacturer PUSU. In PUSU x SPINNOVA® alpine skis, carbon and glass fibres are replaced with SPINNOVA® as reinforcement material. The first skis strengthened with SPINNOVA® material are available for pre-sales now.

Composites is a new application area for Spinnova, as the SPINNOVA® fibre has until now been demonstrated in apparel and interior design applications. Spinnova and Finnish ski maker PUSU today announce their partnership and pre-sales of skis strengthened with SPINNOVA® materials. Consumers can sign up for pre-sales at PUSU’s webshop, and deliveries of the first skis are expected to take place in early 2022.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the textile industry with the most sustainable fibre in the world, produced with minimal harm to the environment, at a reasonable cost.


What if we could create a more sustainable textile industry by imitating nature? That question led us to invent a brand new way of making fibre, without harmful chemicals. Inspired by how spiders weave their webs, we take cellulose, nature’s most brilliant building material, and align it in an optimal way. This results in a natural textile fibre.

Cleanest process. Least water use. Climate friendly. Disruptively circular.

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Adidas collaboration


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