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Fall fashion review: Preloved is the new black

As the season is changing, I automatically start thinking whether I have “anything to wear”. I mostly do, but if feel like something new, these days I usually go for something “old”. While waiting for new, sustainable materials to be available, I don’t personally want to contribute to creating many virgin materials. It’s a drop in…

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Fortum and Spinnova present the world’s first wheat straw-based clothing

FORTUM CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 15 OCTOBER, 2019 Vancouver, British Columbia: Fortum, a major European energy company building new business options in the circular economy, together with the sustainable fibre technology company Spinnova have today introduced the first prototype product born out of their joint development of using wheat straw in the production of highly sustainable…

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As we approach 2020, we find ourselves in a situation where the global population’s demand for cellulose-based textile fibres can no longer be ecologically fulfilled with existing materials.

Watch our video & find out more on how our solution solves this dilemma.

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