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Protecting our winters

This winter, our planet has had some harsh reminders of the fact that climate change is real and taking place even faster than we thought. The natural disasters we’re seeing and the global warming are starting to look like they’re not anomalies. It’s undeniable – surely even for climate change deniers – that our planet…

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Spinnova sponsors mid distance runner Alisa Virtanen

Spinnova recently became a sponsor for a young Finnish track & field athlete, 17-year-old mid distance runner Alisa Virtanen. Much like her sponsor, Alisa works very hard for the long haul – for her highest goal, the Olympics. As a child, Alisa Virtanen first took up football, but around 12 years she realized she liked…

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Spinnova and Bergans of Norway proudly present: the Collection of Tomorrow – a super innovative, fully circular textile concept like you haven’t seen before. Check out the video & Pop to!

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