Cleanest process. Disruptive circularity.

A new, sustainable material made of wood or waste. Without harmful chemicals.

Icebreaker® and Spinnova develop circular SPINNOVA®-merino wool products

The sustainable textile material company Spinnova and VF brand Icebreaker® proudly announce they are developing circular midlayer products with next-generation blends of merino wool and the highly sustainable SPINNOVA® fibre that can be recycled again and again.

The Icebreaker and Spinnova journey originates from a shared vision of believing that nature has the solutions: Icebreaker was founded to provide nature-based alternatives for synthetics, while Spinnova’s technology is inspired by nature; how spiders weave their web. Spinnova and Icebreaker have begun their joint sustainability journey by entering a product development agreement on SPINNOVA®-merino wool midlayer materials that will have a minimal environmental footprint and high performance.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the textile industry with the most sustainable fibre in the world, produced with minimal harm to the environment, at a reasonable cost.


What if we could create a more sustainable textile industry by imitating nature? That question led us to invent a brand new way of making fibre, without harmful chemicals. Inspired by how spiders weave their webs, we take cellulose, nature’s most brilliant building material, and align it in an optimal way. This results in a natural textile fibre.

Cleanest process. Least water use. Climate friendly. Disruptively circular.

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Adidas collaboration


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