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Energy and raw materials in for a step change

From where we stand, the world looks very innovative, even adventurously so, at the moment. Almost every week, someone suggests us something new to look into – both raw materials and waste streams of all sorts. To us, this speaks volumes, of a step change in how we are starting to look at natural resources…

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Spinnova takes on startup mentorship

Spinnova has become a mentor for a Finnish startup in sustainable fashion, Cuitu. Turku-based Cuitu is founded by a cross-functional group of young entrepreneur-minded people that share a common passion towards sustainable fashion. Cuitu’s mission is to create timeless, yet trendy design products. They also want to offer commercialization service to material producers so that…

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As we approach 2020, we find ourselves in a situation where the global population’s demand for cellulose-based textile fibres can no longer be ecologically fulfilled with existing materials.

Watch our video & find out more on how our solution solves this dilemma.

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