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We could be heroes (not just for 1 day)

You know the worn out saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”? I think all of us in the business life know that both culture and everyday business often run strategy over. However, the climate crisis has taken such a fast turn that most industries, including textiles, are now thinking not only how to minimize their…

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Spinnova runs successful spinning trials

We recently ran successful industrial scale spinning trials with our wood-based, 0% harmful fibre, as an important step of the fibre’s journey towards a commercially viable product. In this phase of our R&D, we partnered with the Italian sustainably-focused spinning expert Marchi & Fildi. We ran the trials in Italy with some 20 kilograms of fibre…

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As we approach 2020, we find ourselves in a situation where the global population’s demand for cellulose-based textile fibres can no longer be ecologically fulfilled with existing materials.

Watch our video & find out more on how our solution solves this dilemma.

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