Novel fibre with comparable properties compared to natural cellulosic fibres. Significantly reducing the impacts on climate and nature.


SPINNOVA® is a novel fibre which is blended with other preferred fibres to make yarn and fabrics. The fibre can be integrated into innovative and conventional textile processing methods, such as those used in cotton processing.

The fibre properties, look, and feel are comparable to those of natural cellulosic fibres, such as cotton, while reducing odour intensity compared to cotton. SPINNOVA® fibre can be produced from wood pulp or waste, such as leather, textile, or agricultural cropping waste, without harmful dissolving chemicals.


SPINNOVA® fibre can be used in similar applications as cotton, such as trousers, denim, overshirts, jackets, T-shirts, and accessories. It is also suitable for insulation and composite applications. Spinnova has already released multiple products with global brands, including T-shirts, trousers, jackets, and even skis.

David Tring, Globally leading denim consultant

“In denim, a robust cotton hand feel is a factor that cannot be understated. Denim must feel like denim. The Spinnova and cotton blended product samples have achieved just that. With the emerging demand for sustainable denim, I see Spinnova as a great alternative to cotton in denim.”

Branded fibre

SPINNOVA® is a consumer-facing premium ingredient brand recognised for sustainability. Through co-branding, we create storytelling and transparency — the SPINNOVA® logo, labels, hang tags, posters, and in-store items are available to educate and engage consumers.

Fibre sustainability

SPINNOVA® fibre is a biobased textile fibre made from renewable raw materials. Its production creates no side streams and has minimal CO₂ emissions and water use. SPINNOVA® fibres are biodegradable and recyclable: they can be recycled in the same process without losing quality. In addition, SPINNOVA® fibres have been successfully recycled in the CIRCULOSE® process on a test scale. Spinnova is committed to using only sustainable raw materials, such as FSC-certified wood and waste.


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