Spinnova and JACK & JONES takes next step in their joint development collaboration and releases second product

The JACK & JONES t-shirt is the first commercially available product made with fibre from Spinnova and Suzano‘s joint venture Woodspin’s facility, opened in 2023.

Wardrobe staple with a unique print

The JACK & JONES t-shirt is made from a blend of 30 % wood-based SPINNOVA® fibre, 45 % cotton, 20 % organic cotton, and 5 % elastane. It comes in three different colours, bright white, butter cream and black – each with a unique floral backprint. The t-shirt has the largest production volume of a commercially available SPINNOVA® product to date.

Tuomas Oijala, CEO at Spinnova

“We're delighted to continue our close collaboration with Bestseller and do our part to help them bring to life their strong sustainability strategy. We couldn’t be more excited to see them launch a new product made from SPINNOVA® – let alone one that has an accessible price point and availability.”

Allan Jung Thorbøll, International Buying Manager at JACK & JONES

"At JACK & JONES we strive for a better way of making clothes. We push ourselves to innovate and explore processes and materials with a lower impact on the environment. In SPINNOVA® we’ve found a strong partner to take part in that journey. We are very excited to now launch the second JACK & JONES product made with SPINNOVA® fibre."

Spinnova and Bestseller began their joint development partnership in 2020

The first product made with SPINNOVA® fibre

The initial product from the collaboration was a pair of cream-coloured men’s trousers, made from cotton and SPINNOVA® fibre. JACK & JONES introduced a pair of men’s trousers available for consumer sales in October 2022. The trousers are made of 20% SPINNOVA® fibre, 20% BCI cotton and 60% organic cotton.

Elena Osenbrüg, Sustainability Responsible at JACK & JONES:

“In Spinnova we found a strong partner to step up. After visiting Spinnova’s mill in Finland, seeing how pristine the fibre production is, and close work with our buying team to create a statement piece, I am excited to see the first JACK & JONES product made with SPINNOVA® fibre on market."

History of the partnership

In September 2020, Spinnova and BESTSELLER announced they are working together towards a more sustainable future. At the same time, BESTSELLER introduced its new innovation lab ‘Fashion FWD Lab’, which focuses on new, low-impact and circular materials, better production, new business models and smarter ways of manufacturing. As BESTSELLER’s experimental sustainability playground, Fashion FWD Lab acts as a catalyst for collaborations consisting of pilot projects, workshops, case studies and more, to accelerate sustainable change.

The lab is part of BESTSELLER’s ambitious sustainability strategy Fashion FWD, which is launching the company towards a future where it is climate positive, fair for all and circular by design. Concrete goals include helping bring new sustainable fibres to the market by 2025. The Spinnova material is a great fit with the strategy, as it is climate friendly and fully upcyclable in Spinnova’s process, without harmful chemicals.

Spinnova and Bestseller were introduced by the Fashion for Good initiative that works as a matchmaker for brands and innovators. Spinnova has been part of the Fashion for Good Scaleup programme in 2018-2020.