Spinnova's Values

Strong values help us create positive impact. At Spinnova, we adhere to our five core values: trust, courage, sustainability, innovation and teamwork.

Trust to be trusted

We are on a world-changing mission to transform the raw material base of the global textile industry – and we truly believe and trust that it is possible. Trust starts with being transparent, open, and optimistic both as individuals and as a company.

Courage to change the world

Pioneering requires courage. We are brave in the face of the unknown and never hesitate to try something new and disruptive for the first time. We welcome the change with an open mind and we are not afraid to change direction.

Love our planet

Our planet has its limits, and the only option we have as humankind is to become truly sustainable. Nature is the source of inspiration for our technology and the reason for Spinnova’s being. We care deeply about our environment and have chosen to never compromise that

Passion for innovation

We create tomorrow’s solutions today. We test, we learn and we evolve – both personally and professionally. We believe that by finding small improvements every single day, they will eventually accumulate into groundbreaking innovations. Similarly, when facing little failures here and there, we own them, we learn from them.

Succeed as a team

We are lucky to work with talented and value-driven people, united by the will to change an entire industry. We share common goals and acknowledge that reaching it requires seamless teamwork. We celebrate success and learn from failures as one team. We cooperate across teams – within our company, and with our partners.

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