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Pure and (very) simple.

We develop new, pure bio-based materials for the textile industry with a unique method. Our R&D is based on the technology we have created, inspired by spider web.

There are no waste streams in this closed process. Its only side product is evaporated water, also recycled back into the process.

What differentiates us from other bio-based textile materials is that our process includes no dissolving or any other harmful and complex chemical processes.

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0% harmful chemicals

We are the only company in the world able to convert pulp into textile fibre without harmful chemicals. The process is based on mechanical treatment of the pulp, as well as fibre suspension flows and rheology.

The finely ground pulp mass flows through a unique nozzle, where the fibres and fibrils rotate and align with the flow, creating a strong, elastic fibre network. The fibre is then spun and dried, suitable as-is for spinning into yarn and then knitting or weaving into fabric elsewhere.

IPR protected

We currently have 18 international patents granted and dozens pending, in nine different patent families, covering the most critical elements of the process.

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