Sofia Ilmonen reveals a new SPINNOVA collection at Fashion in Helsinki

PRESS RELEASE | 30.05.2024

Hyères-awarded designer Sofia Ilmonen launches her third joint collection with Spinnova, showcasing modular outfits from fabrics made with SPINNOVA® fibre. The collection draws inspiration from the corset – one of the most controversial garments in the history of fashion – and is featured today at Fashion in Helsinki, an event showcasing the rising stars of the Finnish fashion industry.

Taking place from May 28th to June 2nd 2024, Fashion in Helsinki showcases Finnish creativity, artistic practice and craftsmanship through fashion shows, presentations, and exhibitions. As this year’s theme is technological breakthroughs in fashion, the runway show presents a collaborative collection by Finnish designer Sofia Ilmonen and sustainable textile material company Spinnova.

The new collection mixes fabric made with SPINNOVA® fibres and cotton with lighter cotton poplin and silk organza to create voluminous, layered silhouettes in an array of fresh colours. It will introduce elements of the corset structure, such as bones and lacing, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The new techniques allowed Sofia Ilmonen to design the first trousers seen in her collections.

“For centuries, the corset was worn due to its positive associations with status and beauty, while also serving as a symbol of oppression. I wanted to design a collection that acknowledges the corset's historical significance while simultaneously challenging its restrictions with my design philosophy. I appreciate working with SPINNOVA® fibre as it creates zero side streams, which is in line with my zero-waste pattern cutting approach,” says Sofia Ilmonen.

Ilmonen is known for her modular outfits which can be taken apart and rebuilt into different silhouettes. As her designs follow a one size fits all principle, she empowers the wearer to dictate how the garment adapts to their changing body and evolving style preferences – thus reshaping the relationship between the garment and the wearer.

“As Sofia is bringing the zero-waste approach to fashion via design, Spinnova is bringing it via sustainable materials. SPINNOVA® fibre creates zero side streams, and its CO2 emissions and water use are minimal. Just like the event’s theme suggests, we believe Spinnova’s technology is one of the technological breakthroughs needed in the industry, and we’re happy to celebrate it with talented designers who share the same values,” says Spinnova CEO Tuomas Oijala.

Spinnova | Sofia Ilmonen