Forbes 30 under 30 listed fashion designer duo Paolina Russo released its first SPINNOVA® outfit at Challenge the Fabric

PRESS RELEASE | 16.05.2024

Award-winning Paolina Russo released their first outfit made with SPINNOVA® fibre at Challenge the Fabric event in Milan. The outfit shows that it is possible to create colourful and playful designs while being sustainable.

Forbes 30 under 30 listed designer duo Paolina Russo released their first outfit made from a fabric containing sustainable SPINNOVA® fibre (21%) and cotton (79%). The denim-like fabric is woven in Finland, and it is dyed for example using natural pigments sourced from pine and indigo.

The outfit was designed with the purpose of showing that sustainable fashion does not need to be about muted colour – it can be a vibrant and colourful expression of creativity. The outfit includes a mini skirt, an oversized jacket and a pair of jeans. All pieces are dyed and printed by hand, making each piece unique.

“Since the SPINNOVA® fibre is sustainable by definition, it is the perfect material for us to experiment with and show that responsible fashion can be a vibrant expression of creativity. The graphic language and the colour palette of the capsule collections are inspired by sportswear codes mixed with our folklore influences. We explored distress weave methods, screen printing and natural dye to imitate the look and feel of denim while giving it a fresh and unexpected twist. The SPINNOVA® fibre took the natural pigments exceptionally well thanks to its cellulosic composition. Thanks to its softness, it was very easy to use and design a layered look with,” say Lucile Guilmard and Paolina Russo, the designers of the brand.

Spinnova | Paolina Russo

The outfit took part in the Challenge the Fabric Award on May 14th, a competition challenging designers to create looks made from man-made cellulosic fibres as a way to promote a switch to biobased and recycled materials. SPINNOVA® fibre is produced through a unique, mechanical process without harmful chemicals, unlike MMCF fibres in general.

“We are on a mission to transform the raw material base of the global textile ecosystem with our technology. It was inspiring to see the SPINNOVA® fibre in such a modern and colourful outfit, and we believe young designers like the Paolina Russo duo are really paving the way for more sustainable fashion. It was an honour to be part of the Challenge the Fabric event with them”, says Spinnova CEO Tuomas Oijala.

Spinnova | Paolina Russo

Photos: Antonio Giancaspro