Spinnova announced as finalist in Conservation X Labs’ $650,000 Microfiber Innovation Challenge

Spinnova’s sustainable fibre innovation was announced as one of the twelve innovative solutions for addressing plastic microfiber pollution with a chance of winning a share of $650,000 as part of the Conservation X Labs (CXL) Microfiber Innovation Challenge.

- We’re honoured to be involved in this competition and global community that fights microplastics pollution, which is a fundamental environmental problem largely contributed by synthetic textile fibres. The natural SPINNOVA® fibre is 100% microplastic free, so we are very committed to mitigating this invisible but dangerous problem, comments Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder Janne Poranen.

Millions of tiny fibers shed when we wear and wash synthetic textiles, and these contribute to an estimated 35% of the primary microplastics released into our oceans and waterways according to a 2017 report by IUCN. Stopping microfiber pollution requires a significant transformation in textile and clothing production processes.

The Microfiber Innovation Challenge is supporting solutions that will halt microfiber pollution, an increasing threat to human and planetary health. The Challenge invited scientists, engineers, biologists, entrepreneurs and innovators across the world to submit applications showing how their innovations can solve the issue at the source, receiving submissions from 24 countries.

- These are some of the most revolutionary innovations that are needed to create a more sustainable future, said Paul Bunje, Co-Founder of Conservation X Labs.
- We’re excited to provide critical support to the real solutions, products, and tools that are addressing the exponentially growing plastic pollution crisis.

The finalists were decided by external panels of experts drawn from across the sustainable apparel industry, microplastics research experts, and innovation accelerators. Innovations were judged on feasibility, potential for growth, environmental impact, and the novelty of their approach.

To learn more about all selected finalists, go to https://microfiberinnovation.org/finalists

The winners of the prize will be unveiled at an event in early 2022 as part of a Solutions Fair and Awards Ceremony.

More information on the Microfiber Innovation Challenge:

About Conservation X Labs

Conservation X Labs is a Washington, DC-based innovation and technology company with a mission to prevent the sixth mass extinction. Each year it issues global competitions awarding monetary prizes to the best solutions for specific conservation problems. Challenge topics are chosen by identifying opportunities where technology and innovation can address threats to ecosystems and the environment.