It's not cool, it's warm - Myssy Grandmas knit the world’s first Spinnova-wool hat

Today, we made history and knitted the future, as real Myssy Grannies of Myssyfarmi knitted the first hat ever made of Spinnova fibre and wool. The knitting took place at the Sokos department store in central Helsinki, where anyone could watch the beanie come together.

The event was about Myssyfarmi’s efforts on behalf of transparent production: “We can trace not only the knitter of each and every Myssy product but also we can name all the organic Finnish farms providing us with wool. Our products are fully Finnish made, which makes us an exception as a fashion brand”, says CEO of Myssyfarmi, Anna Rauhansuu.

Getting to knit another domestic, highly sustainable fibre has been a long-term goal for Myssyfarmi. Finnish innovation Spinnova develops the most sustainable textile materials in the world, but testing this super ecological cellulose fiber in real life has so far been a privilege of the few.
“We have dreamed about knitting the Spinnova fibre for a while. The domestic wool we use is a highly sustainable choice, so using ordinary fibers like cotton is not an option for us. Wood-based Finnish fibre fits our strategy just perfect”, Rauhansuu says.

Spinnova works with leading textile industry brands and industrial partners in commercializing SPINNOVA® materials globally. The shop window event was an interesting opportunity for Spinnova. “We find it imperative to also introduce various pre-commercial demo products to show what a versatile material the Spinnova fibre is becoming. Here, we are happy to have open-minded collaborators like Myssyfarmi, that was daring enough to try the very first knitting yarns we have produced in the event, comments Spinnova’s Chief Commercial Officer Lotta Kopra.

The list of Spinnova fibre’s unique qualities is long: no harmful chemicals are used to convert certified wood into fibre, it saves 99% of water compared to cotton, and above all it comes with zero microplastics and biodegrades quickly.

“Mixing synthetic fibres with wool is very problematic especially because of microfibre pollution, but they are used to increase abrasion resistance. I believe the Spinnova fibre to be a huge opportunity in the future, as a solution to the global textile production, also in knitting yarns, Rauhansuu adds.

And how did it feel to knit the new, patented wood fibre? We asked Myssy Grandma Salli Seppälä, who has knitted several thousand hats. “I expected the wood fibre to be as hard as a jute string, but this is very pleasant to knit. Exciting to see the outcome!” Salli chuckles.

Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland. Every Myssy is knitted by a real Myssy Grandma in Pöytyä. The groundbreaking demo hat’s yarn is spun in Finland our of pure Finnish wool and the wood-based sustainable fibre Spinnova has developed and produced in Finland. The hat can therefore be considered the most sustainable in the world and 100% Finnish made.

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