Sustainability is the long game

In the past weeks, the corona virus has escalated to an unbelievable crisis around the world, causing human suffering and financial struggles unlike anything that the past centuries have seen.

The textile industry, like so many industries, has been hit hard and very fast by the crisis. From our partners, we have been sad to hear news of layoffs and retail shutdowns everywhere. None of us know how long it will take until we can all go back to normal life. A lot of people find the uncertainty so overbearing that planning for the future seems impossible.

However, we’ve been very humbled to also learn that our brand collaborations have not been put on hold. Instead, we are moving ahead in our projects as much as we can, adapting our ways of working and our near future goals to the current situation.

This speaks volumes of the solid sustainability values that our partners have. Developing sustainable materials is not for the next fall or spring collections; it’s the long game. Even in times of crisis, those who are really committed, hold onto building the future. This has been really heartwarming to see.

What’s best, our partners’ commitment also gives us the assurance that our team may need in these uncertain times. They are working as hard as always at the laboratories and the production line as I write this. While all of us are concerned in this difficult time, we also have our eyes on the ball and work towards the future.

Thanks to all our brand heroes and heroines for sticking with us even when it gets bumpy. We wish you and your families all stay safe and healthy.

Lotta Kopra
Chief Commercial Officer