Message from Spinnova’s new CEO Kim Poulsen

BLOG | 01.08.2022

Green textile revolution, a great step for humankind.

To begin with, I couldn't be more thrilled to start my first day as the CEO of Spinnova. After starting its operations in 2014, Spinnova has shown impressive progress at the forefront of the green textile revolution. Spinnova’s ambitious mission is to transform the raw material base of the entire textile industry for the better.

So what is Spinnova? At the core of Spinnova is the most sustainable fibre production technology that is built differently from scratch. Spinnova’s technology is revolutionarily disruptive and the plant being built now for Woodspin will even be climate positive. The company is on a mission to transform the traditional textile industry with its revolutionary technology – all while building a global ESG trailblazer.

Why do I believe Spinnova can transform a traditional industry? Spinnova’s world-class innovative team combined with new disruptive technology allows us to shape what the future reality of textile can and will look like. We are a truly unique company with the potential to scale across many industries around the globe via multiple business model options. We already have strategic partnerships with global powerhouses like Suzano, the world’s largest pulp producer. The partnerships with Adidas, The North Face, H&M Group, Bestseller and Marimekko stand as strong examples of what we can achieve with customers.

How are we going to reach our target? It all starts with the relentless and uncompromising dedication to sustainability and planet Earth. Every day, our dedicated team of world-class professionals and team players work towards the common goal. Lastly, our current and future, partners across the value chain will walk the talk and inspire the way for a better environmental future.

On a personal note, I am incredibly humbled and honored by this once in a lifetime opportunity. At Spinnova, we all play for the common goal. This combined with Spinnova’s unique DNA which I would summarize with three words: genuine, honest, and dedicated. Keeping this in mind, I am ready to lead Spinnova on the journey to a more sustainable future. The unshakable dedication to the protection of our environment and planet Earth will continue serving as the driving force behind all our operations.

Kim Poulsen