Greetings from CEO Tuomas Oijala

BLOG | 27.05.2024

It’s been about 5 months since I started working at Spinnova. I am extremely happy about the big change I made personally, which has already led to so many important learnings, but I’m even more proud of what Spinnova is and what we have achieved.

In the past years, Spinnova has proven that our technology is unique in its value proposition, environmental impact, and application landscape. We have a commercial scale production facility, we have launched real volume products with partners, most notably the innovative Bestseller, and we will continue to do more of these. We have a world-class team of experts in physics, chemistry, process and production technology, and the textile industry. We have skilled and strong partners in both technology delivery and now, as a partner to scale the Spinnova technology after signing our LOI for the next mill with Suzano.

Since December, we have refreshed our strategy to focus on technology sales and delivery. We reorganized the company to reflect our new strategy with a new management team set-up and a new leaner organizational structure to allow us to achieve our strategy targets without the need for external financing.

Our mission is to transform the raw material base of the textile supply chain – a big mission, but that’s the only way to have an impact that is meaningful for our customers and their customers, but also for the planet. A big part of this is reducing carbon emissions and waste as well as having a positive impact on biodiversity. I recently attended a course on biodiversity and realized how much impact human activity can have on biodiversity and how this impacts what our planet gives back to us and our quality of life. We will take this very seriously in all of our work and partner selection.

The fundamentals are on our side. The textile industry needs more fibre, but current sources are either unsustainable or cannot continue to grow. We offer a true alternative to natural fibres and, with the same technology, can do it with renewable and / or recycled feedstocks. Regulation will push for more transparency and reduced environmental impact. We will be ready to help brands, the textile supply chain, and, of course, looking for investments in fibre production technologies.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Challenge the Fabric event, where these trends became even more evident. It was great to see the whole industry, from innovators to established companies, come together to share ideas on how we can make the change happen. Thank you to Ekman for having us and congratulations to our design partners Paulina Russo and Lucile Guilmard for their great work and exciting designs.

Now that we have moved to the execution phase of our strategy, our teams are working hard to cultivate our technology sales customer pipeline, improve the capex efficiency of our technology, and finalize our fibre development to make Spinnova an easy-to-use, value-adding, and scalable fibre in the short-term. Stay tuned to hear more!

Tuomas Oijala, CEO