Anno not-so horribilis

Although Finland’s mostly missing the snow we’re accustomed to around Christmas time, it’s starting to feel like the holiday season. Like everyone around the world, we are looking forward to a peaceful break after an unusual year.

Us in the Spinnova team feel very lucky to be ending this year with an exciting outlook. Despite the turmoil of what will be a memorable, if not infamous, year in history, we have managed to grow our innovation just as planned. Our thoughts are with everyone who has suffered from the pandemic in any way, but we are confident that the situation will improve soon.

We have so much to be thankful for. Firstly, we’ve been super happy to find that our partners are so committed that the unstable situation did not stop us from taking sustainability forward together. We saw some small delays in product development projects but none of our relationships were put on hold. That’s how determined leading brands are! Climate change is even more worrying than the pandemic, and action to fight it must continue where at all possible.

Significant development took place in both our feedstock and fibre R&D, as well as application development. We now have quite a clear picture of what kind of a market entry our materials can make and what kind of an impact that will have in the long term. Fibre production and technology are optimized and ready for scaling.

This year, our focus has shifted more to textile development, which is a big deal for our journey. A product made of the Spinnova fibre has been available to buy in a limited edition for the first time. Several demo products have been introduced to the world, and more interesting collaborations are yet to be announced. Hugely exciting!

Thanks to the giant steps taken this year, we are now well underway with planning our commercial scaling. Hopefully we can share details about that very soon! Last but not least, we have gone against the tide as employers, too, and recruited 12 new members to the team, including international top talent in niche areas.

Finding the right talent to help us scale, and taking care of our people is highly important in the Spinnova family. What’s also worth being thankful for is that we all stayed healthy and managed to keep our pilot operations in full volume throughout the year.

If it wasn’t for our committed partners, investors, staff and the entire, vast network of people who want us to succeed, none of this would be possible. Our warmest thanks to all of you.

Here’s hoping for a healthy, peaceful and happy holiday season!

Xmas Greeting