Icebreaker® and Spinnova develop circular SPINNOVA®-merino wool products

Alistair Smith, Director of Global Product Design at icebreaker

“Nature is our hero, and our source of inspiration – we were excited to learn about Spinnova’s approach to fibre spinning that mimics nature’s own processes."

The partners in this collaboration are developing a completely novel material that has not been seen before

Spinnova and Icebreaker are piloting a blend for midlayer products which is sustainable and comfortable, and also fully circular. After consumer use, the developed yarn is intended to be separated and reused, with the ambition to get one step closer to circularity and lowering the products’ impact on the environment.

Icebreaker is an industry sustainability pioneer with ambitious sustainability goals including abandoning the use of plastic fibres by 2023. In 2020, already 91% of Icebreaker’s materials were merino or plant-based. This partnership is a great match between Icebreaker’s high sustainability standards and Spinnova’s innovation that aims to transform the way textiles are made globally.

Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder Janne Poranen

“We’re very proud of this collaboration, and excited to keep experimenting how SPINNOVA® can fight climate change as both a sustainable new material and a disruptively circular new material that can be remade over and over again.”