The Collection of Tomorrow- A fully circular textile concept

Collection of Tomorrow is a disruptive, fully circular and subscription-based takeback and reuse concept.

Spinnova and Bergans began their sustainability journey in 2019, when they introduced a disruptively circular takeback and reuse programme of textile products designed to circulate. Upon introducing the Collection of Tomorrow concept in November 2019, the partners also introduced their first prototype, a recyclable backpack, and involved consumers in the R&D as co-owners of the fabric resource.

In November 2020, the textile development has taken a leap forward to the apparel category, and Spinnova and Bergans, along with fabric finishing expert Halley Stevensons, introduced a limited edition of a recyclable shirt and anorak that are available to buy.

Later in the product lifecycle, Bergans can take the item back, and Spinnova can turn the same fabric into new fibre, of which Bergans makes another product for the subscriber.

The future goal is to circulate the same resource – Spinnova fibre – many times over, avoiding the creation of virgin materials. Spinnova is currently studying how many times the post-consumer fibre can be reused in its process. The prototype backpack also includes other materials, all of natural origin; cellulose-based fibre lyocell, lamb wool and wood. There are no coating chemicals or plastic and metal accessories in the backpack, so the item can be put back into the cycle without dismantling.

Spinnova’s unique process can use FCS-certified wood or cellulosic waste streams, and unlike all other cellulose-based fibres, the method involves no dissolving, harmful chemicals or side streams. The fibre is quickly biodegrading and sheds no microplastics.

Bergans is an innovative company that has already done pioneering work on sustainability with redesign, recycling, repair and renting services. Spinnova’s sustainable fibre has been a great match with Bergans’ sustainable ambition for its material base.

Press release, 1st launch

Press release, shirt launch

Press release, anorak launch

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