H&M Group in collaboration with Spinnova

H&M Group

"The H&M Group’s ambition is to become fully circular. We see Spinnova as having great potential to address several of the sustainability challenges we face today,” comments Mattias Bodin, H&M Group’s Circular Innovation Lab Lead.

Spinnova blends alone can have a big impact

The H&M Group has joined this group of brands in a partnership with Spinnova.
“ The H&M Group’s ambition is to become fully circular, and we are continuously testing and actively looking to further integrate the use of sustainable materials through our group’s brands, Mattias Bodin says.

Most leading apparel brands are committed to become climate neutral or even climate positive. Since Spinnova materials’ cradle to gate emissions are considerably less than those of cotton, it’s a radical improvement to existing textile fibres. Spinnova’s fibre already works well in blends with other natural fibres, especially cotton. In big volumes, Spinnova blends alone can have a big positive environmental impact.

Stay tuned to find out how this exciting collaboration continues!

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