adidas and Spinnova unveil their first commercial product

The adidas TERREX HS¹ hoodie available in July

Eight months after adidas and Spinnova announced their partnership, their first commercial product saw daylight. The adidas TERREX HS1 hoodie is a unisex midlayer for hikers and outdoor explorers, composed of natural SPINNOVA® fibre and organic cotton, and made without dyeing or bleaching chemicals.

The TERREX HS1 will be made commercially available on and in other selected retail outlets with global reach from July.

Carla Murphy, General Manager of adidas TERREX.

“Using SPINNOVA® fibres will allow adidas to make high-performance apparel while reducing the CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste usually required to create such products.”

Major milestone on Spinnova’s commercial journey

The launch of the hoodie marks a major milestone on Spinnova’s commercial journey, and signals both brands’ long-term commitment to sustainability. According to adidas’ ambitious sustainability plan, by 2025, nine out of 10 adidas products will be made with a sustainable technology, material, design or method of manufacturing – and Spinnova will play a significant role on this journey.

adidas secured access to significant volumes of SPINNOVA® fibre

In 2021, adidas secured access to significant volumes of SPINNOVA® fibre capacity by becoming Spinnova’s cornerstone investor through Spinnova’s IPO. Spinnova and its Woodspin joint venture partner Suzano have a scaling target of a million tonnes of global fibre production capacity per annum within the next 10-12 years. Spinnova’s first commercial-scale factory is expected to be completed in Finland at the end of 2022.