Walking the walk

Sustainable choices are fully possible at workplaces, too, if you just take that small extra effort. Sustainability is also what connects us to our partners on a value-based level.

With any environmental issue, every person and decision matters. If it weren’t for the masses, we wouldn’t have environmental problems, so changing how the masses behave – person by person – is the way to solve the issues.

The Spinnova team is only 11 people, but all of us believe we can make a difference, even set an example. Our biggest input on sustainability is our fantastic fibre innovation and mitigating the environmental footprint of its production.

However, we also have sustainable aspirations on a more mundane level.

Rooting for sustainable brands 

While waiting for the first Spinnova-fibre made clothes to become reality, we have decided to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. We will from now on only choose textiles from brands that are committed to and actively working towards sustainability.

As Finnish design house Marimekko is our esteemed partner, we now sport Marimekko t-shirts, home textiles and kitchenware at our office. We also have chosen beautiful paper yarn rugs from Woodnotes for our lobby and Sukarwood lighting fixtures, coat hangers and bins made of cellulose sheets and wood – all natural and great on the eye (check out the pic collage below!).

Value-based consumption on the rise

Sustainability is our first priority, but we, as an increasing proportion of consumers, also prefer brands that we can relate to. At the moment, we’re in the ideal situation where all our business partners are brands whose values we share. Shared values are a great foundation for any relationship.

Yes – in case you’re wondering – the textiles and rugs are made with cotton (for now). What matters is the intent and decisive action towards sustainability.

That’s what both us and our partners are all about. Are you?

Emmi Berlin
Head of Workwear and Interior Design