The painful truth, frustration and passion – My 1st month @Spinnova

Ignorance is bliss, they say. Having worked in the renewable energy industry before now, I thought myself pretty aware though, of the grave challenges of this planet. However, I’ve never given the slightest thought to the environmental impacts of the textile industry in particular. After joining Spinnova, the sustainable fibre company, my head’s become a heated heap of thoughts of three types.

The painful truth

I’m no shopaholic, but do have to admit to some serious fast fashion and other hasty purchases over the years. After discarding my old clothes in a recycling bin, I’ve never thought about what happens then. I’ve always happily dressed my children in synthetic fibres and regular cotton. Microplastics in the sea has been nothing but a glimpse of a tweet in my feed.

But now. Awareness is painful. Instead of giving a one-page rant, let’s just say the textile industry is the world’s no. 2 polluter, the dirtiest industry after crude oil.

The frustration

The change is happening though – right here at Spinnova and many other innovative companies as I write. Yet, what’s most painful for someone with as little patience as I, is realizing it takes time. Spinnova has invented the most ecological textile fibre on the planet, but it will take a while before we can deliver it.

I don’t even know if cellulose-made textiles will be an everyday commodity in my lifetime. If so, will they truly replace the more harmful ones? And if so, how much actual impact that will have on the climate, the ground and the seas at the end of the day?

No-one has the answers right now. What counts is the intent, the skill and the resources that create sustainable innovation.

The passion

I am so proud to fight the good fight. What makes me very hopeful is not only the fantastic innovation that Spinnova is; a communicator’s dream. There is nothing shady about it – nothing.

It’s also the people I’m surrounded by; a team of scientists that truly want to make a change for the better. Their hard work, experience, knowledge and inventiveness are one thing, but their passion is just something else. What’s also mind blowing is that we discuss all kinds of environmental problems and their solutions on an everyday basis.

Like-minded people that we meet join these conversations. It seems that everyone genuinely shares the same cause and wants to help one another get ahead. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen such solidarity between a team or a company and its stakeholders.

Between you and me, I don’t think these types businesses are primarily founded to make money, although that’s a very likely side product of the innovations.

I think they were founded simply to change the world.

Emmi Berlin
Head of Communications

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