Unique haute couture made of Spinnova fabric seen in the Finnish Independence Day gala

A gown made from the highly ecological Spinnova fibre was today seen in this year’s Independence Day Reception by the President of Finland. The dress was carried by member of the European parliament Henna Virkkunen and it’s been designed and made by Mert Otsamo, one of Finland’s most prominent fashion designers.

The dress fabric made from the Spinnova fibre is woven with a lyocell warp, so the entire fabric is wood-based. The Spinnova fibre is made of paper grade pulp without dissolving or harmful chemicals. It’s likely to be the most environmentally friendly fibre in the world, as no-one else is able to transform cellulose into textile-ready fibre without dissolving processes.

Mert Otsamo is the first haute couture designer to work with the Spinnova fibre.

– Working with a completely novel material is more challenging than with familiar fabrics and takes creativity. The outcome is really stunning, I’m very happy with it, designer Otsamo says.

MEP Virkkunen, the first person to wear a Spinnova dress, was excited to wear material born out of sustainable innovation, as the textile industry’s environmental problems have really been recognized in the EU, and requirements of the industry are tightening.

– One of my job’s most important goals is to promote sustainable innovation. The Spinnova fibre is just the kind of solution that the world needs. It’s a great pleasure celebrating our independence in this exclusive gown – especially since this innovation comes from my hometown Jyväskylä, she comments.

Spinnova, who started its pilot production last winter, is in collaboration with several domestic and international brand partners, and is currently planning its commercial phase. On 29 November, Spinnova introduced its first prototype, a sustainable backpack and a disruptive circular textile concept with Bergans of Norway.
– This gorgeous dress and all other demos that we’re seeing in the near future are very anticipated, important milestones for us. Gradually we all start to understand what this super material is capable of, says Spinnova’s co-founder and CEO Janne Poranen.
– I want to thank our team, as well as Mert and Henna, for their open-mindedness and courage in this fast-moving project. Sustainability is often determination to do things differently, he ends.

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