Spinnova takes on startup mentorship

Spinnova has become a mentor for a Finnish startup in sustainable fashion, Cuitu. Turku-based Cuitu is founded by a cross-functional group of young entrepreneur-minded people that share a common passion towards sustainable fashion.

Cuitu’s mission is to create timeless, yet trendy design products. They also want to offer commercialization service to material producers so that their innovations get the attention they deserve. As a more experienced growth company in the same industry, we will now mentor Cuitu’s young team on their journey.

– This cooperation means a lot to us. It was actually Spinnova and their material technology that inspired us to start this business in the first place, says Evi Oivanen from Cuitu.

Cuitu just won a national startup competition for young entrepreneurs and will be competing for the European championship in a similar competition in Oslo at the end of this month. Cuitu’s vision is much like ours; that they and material innovations can disrupt the fashion industry. The name Cuitu is derived from the Latin word ‘circuitu’ which means detour. That is what Cuitu wants to create; a detour for consumers to sustainable fashion that makes no compromises on design.

A survey that we recently had made by a group of students showed that 51% of millenials and post-millenials base their buying decision of fashion on design, so Cuitu is on the right track. We will reveal the survey results to you very soon..

We’re delighted to see a number of startups with a similar cause at the moment, all wanting to create sustainable choices for like-minded consumers. Sustainable is not niche anymore, but the new must. Also, it’s important to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs with a sustainable idea, as they create our future as both businesses and consumers.

We can’t wait to see where Cuitu’s journey will take them!

Stay sustained <3


P.S. To find out more on Cuitu, go to wearecuitu.com, Facebook, LinkedIN or Instagram @wearecuitu.