Spinnova appoints Lotta Kopra as Chief Commercial Officer

The sustainable fibre company Spinnova has appointed Mrs Lotta Kopra as Chief Commercial Officer, to lead Spinnova’s way to commercializing the world’s most sustainable textile fibre. Lotta will also become a shareholder of Spinnova.

MSc (Econ.) Lotta Kopra is an entrepreneur who has strong experience in building modern operations including new business models and partnerships. As a founder and chairman of the board of management consultancy Magenta Advisory Ltd, Lotta has built, scaled up and internationalized the company. After her successful exit Lotta has acted as investor and board member of several startups and public companies.

Kopra is excited as she joins Spinnova where she is responsible for ramping up the company’s commercial operations including partnerships, brand and marketing.

– It is very rare that one gets to be part of a success story like Spinnova’s. We all feel humbled and proud to be the world’s number one house for sustainable textiles. Together with our committed partners we can make a real change, says Lotta.

The world’s sustainability gap is heavy, and the textile industry’s emissions alone are second biggest in the world. Many brands are committed in finding ways to e.g. decrease emissions and harmful chemicals where possible.

Spinnova is uniquely positioned to provide brand owners with the world’s most sustainable textile fibre and scalable technology. This appointment is important for Spinnova in this phase of the company’s 5-year journey so far. After having proof of concept from its pilot facility in Finland, Spinnova is ready for the next step in its story: commercialization.

– Lotta’s background is ideal as it has given her an international startup mindset and hands-on team player attitude. Now is the right time for us to start planning for commercial phase with the right kind of team, comments Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen.